Adventures in owning an old car

Having inherited my attitude to money largely from my stepfather; a man who finds the word buy very distressing, I naturally own a cheap car. Mine was ridiculously cheap, some people probably spend the same on weekly groceries. Thankfully I for the most part got away with my thrifty purchase for four years. Last year however it all started to go a bit wrong…

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Adventures in ditch dwelling

*Disclaimer* I have never lived in a ditch. What I have done is reverse our heavy campervan into one. In France. On a Sunday. On a narrow road where I blocked pretty much the entirety. Oh yes and at the time my school French had abandoned me and Zack knew none whatsoever. Remembering it still makes me a little uneasy but I hope it makes for a good blog post.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Love

What with being so new to blogging I thought I would participate in the weekly photo challenge, the weeks theme of love really worked for me as I got to use one of my favourite photos. The photo relates to the blog as a lot of our travels involve cats through our housesitting. Yes, I like to tie things together. Enjoy the photo.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Love

Marzipan and Tinker, my mothers two cats who are almost inseperable. When Marzipans brother died Tinker was a great comfort to her.

Adventures in house buying

One of our biggest adventures to date, something that made me want to tear my hair out but we are incredibly lucky to have been able to do, it was also having the security of our own home that encouraged us to travel more.

Buying a house = how to know how easily stressed you are. If you can negotiate the house buying process and barely feel any stress then you are better than me or you have miracle estate agents and solicitors! We were buying a house in the UK where it should be relatively straight forward compared to say France, sadly it was not…

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Why we do free housesitting

When we first started out housesitting almost everyone thought we should charge for it. From our point of view the places we get to stay for free and the lovely animal companions are enough payment.

Until quite recently I thought that the only people who charged on the site we are registered with were professionals. When I placed a listing for my mother; we are getting married and all of us are going to Edinburgh for a week, almost everyone who responded wanted paying and they weren’t shy about saying it either! What with the vast majority of users not charging I fail to see why people would choose them, especially when they offer no references and do not come from animal care jobs.

Some people have been sceptical ‘if they do not charge maybe they are up to something and want to rob me!’ and ‘why would anyone want to look after my dog/cat/snake for free?!’ We have a police check and references, so hopefully this puts peoples minds at rest that we are not robbers. In answer to the latter, we get free accommodation, lovely pets, home comforts and the chance to explore somewhere new. When you think about all those then it should be ‘why would you not want to look after my pets for free?’