Adventures in house buying

One of our biggest adventures to date, something that made me want to tear my hair out but we are incredibly lucky to have been able to do, it was also having the security of our own home that encouraged us to travel more.

Buying a house = how to know how easily stressed you are. If you can negotiate the house buying process and barely feel any stress then you are better than me or you have miracle estate agents and solicitors! We were buying a house in the UK where it should be relatively straight forward compared to say France, sadly it was not…

Apologies to anyone not up on UK geography, I have included a counties map to help.

Our chosen area was somewhere in Somerset or the outskirts of Devon, having come from Bournemouth I knew there was no way we could afford more than a flat in Dorset. Somehow when you cross the border into Somerset house prices take a tumble of quite a few thousand so there were bargains to be had!

On our hunt we came across numerous repossessions/foreclosures, these are offered under market value as the bank want to get the money asap. It sounds silly but I was not too keen on buying one, sure they offered great value and were often kitted out with new kitchens and fancy bathrooms (probably why the owners ran out of money) but in the back of my mind I worried the previous people may come back and out of anger smash windows and so on. One we viewed had been gone at with a sledgehammer by the looks of it, another did indeed have two smashed windows which had occurred when the house had previously been sale agreed – cant help but wonder if this was part of the reason the buyer pulled out!

You can come across some really odd situations, one seller made it clear he hated his neighbour and thought this a much better topic than why we should buy his house. No I did not put in a offer.

Another literally looked it should be the set for a horror film; all the walls were nicotine stained, numerous cobwebs, huge spider in the bath and I swear I saw a blood stain! Later I had two nightmares about a ax murderer in the house, I have had four nightmares in my entire life and half were about that house! It did eventually sell I believe but not before dropping to a price so low Zack asked if we should reconsider it, needless to say I was not amused.


After all the repossession house worries we did actually put a offer in on one, I had fallen in love with the house and it was the first we had seen I could actually imagine living in. Sadly it was not to be, the estate agents I am convinced had it lined up for a friend and it was for the best because a few weeks after it sold the windows had been smashed. I also am slightly ashamed to say I was pleased that around the same time the agent shop also had a smashed window, it was not me!

Second go at putting in a offer on a house was at least not thwarted by the agents, though I felt at times the wife owner did not actually want to move and she managed to make me feel bad for wanting to buy the house! After many set backs it was ours months after it should have been. We had a house! The bath/sink/radiator/toilet leaked (did not discover some of these for quite sometime), the carpets were floral monstrosities and the house generally was in a 70’s time wrap but it was all ours.


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