Adventures in owning an old car

Having inherited my attitude to money largely from my stepfather; a man who finds the word buy very distressing, I naturally own a cheap car. Mine was ridiculously cheap, some people probably spend the same on weekly groceries. Thankfully I for the most part got away with my thrifty purchase for four years. Last year however it all started to go a bit wrong…


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For those caring specifics, mine has four doors and is black.

The car was very good to me for four years. That is a long time in car years especially for a 17 year old. Sadly first it required a lot of welding. Welding strikes fear into many car owners, once it starts it never ends and is often a reason to get rid of an otherwise good car. More annoyingly the alarm which had always been sensitive now went off whenever it felt like it.

A few things that the car felt warranted the alarm –
A breeze
People walking too close
Unlocking the passenger door
Putting anything on the bonnet
Shutting the bonnet or boot too hard
Being left in strange places – it always happened as I walked away from it.

The alarm can be silenced by disconnecting the battery, but I don’t always remember and when I do people look at me like I am stealing it. If car theft was my thing I would not go for the ancient tatty Fiesta I assure you.

Recently to compound my woes the drivers door lock, that’s right the door that does not set off the alarm, has been temperamental. I should have done something about it but had better things to do; looking at funny cat videos mostly. So basically I had the options of a) forcing the drivers lock which messed the key up even more, b) opening the passenger door and hoping the alarm cut out or finally and my favourite c) climb in the boot.

The dodgy lock ended in a broken key, (clever me went for option a) which when paired with the alarm meant one day at Tescos in Wells (a rather upmarket city) nothing would stop the alarm. I ended up driving out of Tesco with the alarm blaring, children laughing at me and the worry I was going to get chased by the police. The full story of this will be regaled in a future post as more drama was yet to unfold.

Upon getting home from Wells I found the spare key for the car. The spare key opens everything but the drivers door. The original key is now held together with superglue and is only used to open the drivers door for fear of it breaking again.

The final issue I have that it is losing power and goes up hills like a truck might. I have even been overtaken by trucks. A trip to the garage is imminent and that never brings good news.

Why not get rid of the car? I wish I could but I am teaching Zack to drive in it so need to wait. Please pass your test first time Zack so the fiesta can go before it collapses in a heap!


3 thoughts on “Adventures in owning an old car

  1. I think it’s always best to drive cars right into the ground! Mine has more than 200,000 miles on it so far, though the ‘Check Engine’ light has been on for the past six months.

    • Our van has had a few random engine lights flash. We have been told the previous owner rather messed up the dashboard wiring so not to worry, thing is what if the light is flashing for good reason! Its certainly never dull having old vehicles. My fiesta must be on something like 200k, it had gone roud the clock when I bought it and since has been up and dowm the country a lot.

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