Adventures in my stupidity and the resulting ear infection

*Do not google image ear infection, if you do anyway I am not accountable*

Do not worry I am not going to turn this blog into one where I go on about my ailments. This is more a one-off post as I just felt like I needed to share my experience.

The last four days I have had an ear and headache, actually headache is too light a word. Being a longterm migraine sufferer I would class it as one. I thought migraine and the nausea it often brought was enough – I knew nothing of facial pain until this ear infection came along. At times I asked Zack if he could knock me out, I was in no way joking!

I like to think I am seasoned in experiencing pain. My knee cap dislocates every once and while, my shoulder has twice and I have been a migraine sufferer ten years. After collecting a huge tub full of medicines for my migraines, last year I discovered that almost all of them were caused by a lemon allergy, yep you read right lemons! I know, who has a lemon allergy? Well me sadly. It has been a pain eradicating them from my diet, but twice monthly bouts of neck, eye and head agony with throwing up were worse.

I was feeling pretty good, no lemons meant barely any migraines. If I get very stressed I will still get one but I am tying to keep that under check. What I was not prepared for was the ‘earache from hell 2013’. Partly this has been my own fault, I started to get mild pain in my left ear in November and a Doctors visit resulted in ear drops. You are meant to use the ear drops 2-3 times a day, I was only using them when the ear hurt and as soon as it stopped I forgot about them. It’s always been a problem for me remembering to take things if there is no physical prompt, I also kept forgetting to set an alarm to remind myself.

Last Saturday we went out to visit a community my mum wants to join (see last post) and it was freezing! The sunny blue sky tricked me and I was not wearing a hat. The result was lots of cold air stuck in my ears which are already messed up. Sunday to about three hours ago was constant ear and head pain, at times it was sociable and visited my teeth, jaw, eyes and nose too.

During these four days I went through the first four stages (one a day), these all being the bad ones.

Shock and denial: ‘I couldn’t have messed my ears up so much, it will stop hurting soon like usual’
Pain and guilt: ‘it hurts so much, why am I such an idiot?!’
Anger and bargaining: ‘I cannot take this anymore, I promise I will take my ear drops everyday’
Depression: ‘I am never going to feel better, I feel so miserable’.

I also spent my time watching an obscene amount of Television – all caught up on Greys Anatomy finally (the new interns are awful), applying heat packs to my ears, faffing with my ears (too tempting) and watching my hair become a grease ball. Since I have self diagnosed small ear canals I surmise that shower water is getting stuck in my ears, my earplugs have not arrived and I am too scared to wash my hair without them. I have been washing at the sink so I do not smell I promise, well my hair probably does.

Thankfully we were at home when this happened, I love traveling but when ill I hate not having my own sofa and bed to collapse on. Today I feel lot better and have set multiple alarms to take my drops. Moral is always take your medicine when advised, not just when you remember. I learnt the painful way.


4 thoughts on “Adventures in my stupidity and the resulting ear infection

  1. Awww hope you feel better soon. I’m like that with meds too, and suffered through two streph infections 2 weeks apart LOL

    Glad to hear you’re feelin better šŸ™‚

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