Off to Oxfordshire we go

This morning I woke at home with a killer headache. This morning is when we are due travel almost three hours to housesit in Oxfordshire – nooo! Last night I cleverly decided to leave cleaning the kitchen, finishing packing and hair washing for the morning. I was already feeling sorry for myself when Zack announced he was exhausted due to me waking him up with my tossing and turning. Zack is the worlds lightest sleeper – once I moved my head slightly and the result was ‘what are you doing, why all the moving?!’ I managed to clean the kitchen with Zack’s help and do an immense amount of packing; when we loaded the van it looked like we were moving out instead of going away for one week! I did not wash my hair and decided to try to cover this up with a load of talc, when this did not work I plonked a hat on to hide the worst.

During our drive Zack did his usual ‘I think I’ve been here’ as we passed through various places. I believe him and his parents must have spent years visiting random villages all over the country at weekends because wherever we go he seems to recognise somewhere. As we progressed though Somerset, Wiltshire, Gloucestershire and ultimately Oxfordshire the amount of snow increased rather dramatically. After an encounter with quite a bit of flood water I was very grateful in our decision to bring the van instead of fiesta.

Due to a misunderstanding of a road sign we drove straight past the house – twice. Trying to find places always stresses me somewhat, especially when we are in the van and I have to turn it around numerous times. Take note – some Oxfordshire village roads really are not too good for vehicles larger than a smart car.

Things took an upward turn when we finally arrived and were greeted by our feline friend for the week.

Quite relaxed already

Quite relaxed already

Interrupting his washing schedule with a photo.

Interrupting his washing schedule with a photo.

We were told he was a friendly cat, but having looked after many who are initially very suspicious of us we expected the same treatment. To our surprise he was waiting in the kitchen to greet us and decided a good welcome would be parading all over the work surfaces and then a furious washing session sitting on the cooker top. As we unloaded our bags he sniffed each one – I assume they were met with approval. As of this moment he is curled up on the sofa asleep after a very active afternoon of chasing our feet and running up and down the stairs. We can tell we are going to have a fun week with him.


2 thoughts on “Off to Oxfordshire we go

  1. I think it’s so lovely how you connect with people’s pets so easily! Would love to see some pictures of Oxfordshire and some of the area surrounding your home. I think English towns and villages are simply lovely!

    • Thank you :). Zack especially seems to have a way with cats – I have never known one that has not liked him. I just posted some photos of the village we are staying in and hope to explore more within the week. I have been lucky to see quite a few chocolate box villages now but they are the sort of thing I never could tire of.

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