Adventures in house sitting: Oxfordshire

For anyone who does not know, Zack and I travel a lot through house sitting. We have been lucky enough to be selected for almost all of the assignments we apply for, in the last eight months we have been to Wiltshire twice, Brighton, Oxfordshire, Bath, Brittany (France), Somerset and currently Oxfordshire for a second time. It has been an amazing way to see parts of England  we would not usually due to accommodation costs. We also get to look after many lovely animals; we would love pets but the travel list we have makes it unfair to.I plan on writing a longer post on house sitting soon as I am sure a lot of people would find it a great way of cutting their travel costs. So as I mentioned this week we are back in Oxfordshire and the weather is a little different from our last visit in September.

Our assignment for the week is care of one fluffy tabby cat and stone cottage  – some parts are over 250 years old making it older than America (well since it became independent)! I imagine we are saving around £300 based upon a quick search of local holiday rental properties. For me I see the cat as a bonus, I love nothing more than relaxing in the evening with a book, cup of tea and cat/small dog on the lap. Fun fact: once a German Shepherd tried to get on my lap but it did not prove so relaxing.

Yesterday there was quite a lot of heavy snow, I did mean to take pictures but sitting under a blanket proved more fun. We made it to the nearest town for groceries with me looking like I was dressed for Antarctica – I come from Bournemouth where we hardly ever get snow and when we do it melts almost immediately. I also had to wrap up extra warm because I am still getting over my ear infection, it has left me with rather sensitive nerves in my ears so the cold can really make them hurt.

Amazingly when we woke this morning the snow had virtually vanished, there were a few tiny patches left but otherwise you would not believe yesterday it was coming down like crazy. The transformation of the weather even stretched to some sun mid-morning so we quickly took advantage and went on a little walking tour of the village.

Tomorrow we are off to see Zack’s gran who lives around an hour away. Another of the pros of house sitting is it means we are able to visit relatives – Zack’s family is spread out all over the country so it can prove quite difficult seeing them all regularly. We plan to visit Stow-on-the World and/or Bourton-on-the-Water as both are only thirty minutes driving away, also hope to go to Bladon where Churchill’s grave is situated and at least walk in the grounds of Blenheim Palace (the full admission price is a little scary). The problem with this part of England is that there are far too many amazing places to visit, life is hard for a house sitter.


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