Adventures in Valentine’s Day

Or more accurately lack of. Zack and I do not celebrate Valentine’s Day. I have never actually celebrated it with any of my partners though this is the first time one has actually agreed with me rather than just go-along to make life easier. Perhaps it comes from the fact as a teenager through to a couple of years ago I had a weekend job in a card shop. Once you have spent hours arranging cards and gifts you get pretty sick of any holiday! Valentines always seemed the worst though due to the number of customers who decided to tell me about their partners – I am just not interested sorry! Sometimes I even wondered if these partners really existed. The card shop was in an area of Bournemouth most people like to pretend does not exist – drugs, violence, chavs galore. Due to the rather dodgy area we had a lot of even dodgier customers come in – I often wonder how many Valentines Day cards and teddies I sold to people who were criminals.

Today we have been for a walk round for the village we are staying in and will have a perfectly normal dinner. So Happy Valentines Day to anyone that celebrates it, I hope you have a lovely day. For me it is simply the fourteenth of February.  I will however include a photo of the cutest couple I have ever known: Misty and Tinker.

Obligatory cute photo

Obligatory cute photo


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