Adventures in getting married: less than two months to go!

We’re getting married on April 25th! It will be in Edinburgh – pretty much the opposite end of the country to where we live as Southerners. Neither Zack or I have actually ever been to Edinburgh, so why are we going you ask? Because if we go to Edinburgh we:
1. Get to get married in a far nicer registry office
2. can incorporate the wedding with a nice holiday
3. get to have a really small wedding i.e. parents and their significant others only.

To say little planning as gone into the Wedding would be an understatement. I have put more effort into deciding what type of chocolate to buy – it’s a very important decision! The main reason has been because Zack and I would ideally just be married. If only online weddings were legally binding.

If we have to attend a ceremony then why not have a holiday too?! Edinburgh seemed the ideal venue as it ticks all the boxes – historical, pretty, easy to get to, a castle. So eight of us – me, Zack, his parents, my mum and Stepdad and my Dad plus Girlfriend are all off for the week 23-30th April and it just happens to include Zack and I getting married on the Thursday morning.


Lothian Chambers – our wedding venue.
Image –

Earlier today I begun filling out the marriage forms, the registry office will most likely be pleased that we will be having the simplest ceremony possible. We all arrive in a taxi, I am not getting walked down the aisle by anyone, there will be no readings and best of all the only people there I am comfortable standing in-front off feeling a bit silly.

In some ways we are actually being traditional – my dress although £15 (love a bargain) is ivory lace and Zack will wear a suit. My suggestion of him wearing a kilt just because we were in Scotland did not go down too well.

Some of my friends clearly think I am insane to not take advantage of having a day that is all about me. I cannot imagine anything worse. People stare at me enough as it is – could be the curly hair or the insane paleness or Zack’s suspicion that when wearing certain clothes I look a bit like Amy Pond from Doctor Who – I really do not see it either. If I was wearing some over the top meringue and worrying about looking anything other than immaculate in photos I would think it a nightmare. Plus, the cost! The amount of money that can be spent on weddings makes my head spin. Finally, matching napkins to the flowers to the cake ribbon to the bridesmaids dresses = zzzz.

I am very much looking forward to our trip and being Zack’s wife – Mrs Allnutt, yay! I am just still not too sure about the standing in a room doing a speech bit. Ah well.


6 thoughts on “Adventures in getting married: less than two months to go!

  1. I am a huuuuuge proponent of tiny weddings! Just one thing I would suggest: consider a photographer — even if it is your mom or dad — but someone who is absolutely committed to taking at least 50 photos at different stages during the day: candids and formal shots. If you have a friend who is a photographer and willing to do it for a little compensation (or maybe they need to build their portfolio?) bring him or her along! Really… you won’t regret it. You will be so thankful 5, 10, 15 years from now when you can walk down memory lane and see what you all looked like that day! Congratulations!!!

  2. Oh yes, should have put that my Stepdad is filming and Zack’s mum taking pictures. Although I may feel awkward on the day I know it will be something I want to have documented on film.. Having been to so many weddings recently the small ones have definitely been my favourite – we all know each other, there is no chaos when trying to seat 100+ people for lunch. The brides I have spoken to whom had large weddings mostly wish they had gone for something smaller. Thank you for the congratulations :D.

  3. Awesome!! this is the best way to get married! and the money you don’t spend on that unnecessary party and matching colors, you can spend on travels and lot more meaninglful adventures! I’m 100% with you guys, as I just wish for the same thing the day Raul and I get married for real!
    Happy Edimburgh family gathering and wedding!
    Cheers to you both!

    • Yes! Why spend thousands on a Wedding when it can go to lots of travel or a house deposit. Glad people feel the same, as I mentioned my friends seem to think I am being silly going so small with it all. I hope you and your partner get to have the type of wedding that suits you when the day comes.
      Thank you, getting a little excited now at the prospect of the trip and being a Mrs. 😀

  4. SO exciting! Me and my boyfriend aren’t really into marrying, but I have to admit, i love to attend weddings! Tiny or small, it doesn’t matter. 🙂 And hey, amy pond is pretty! So that’s a compliment. 😉

    • We werent initially but realised it made sense for legal reasons, plus I kind of like the idea of being his wife – never thought I would say that about anyone! I love the small weddings, though any where I can see the bride and groom are enjoying the day is also good. Nothing worse than a stressed out bride. Thanks, yes I guess it is, I really cannot see a likeness though.

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