Adventures in being internetless

For the last few days I have been severely limiting my time on the internet, hence why I have not posted anything new on the blog since last Friday. The reason for this is that Zack and I are off to Wales for four days tomorrow. We are going to stay in a converted railway cabin in the middle of the Brecon Beacons, the cabin is essentially off-grid as it has no electricity or mobile reception. It will be a bit like when we travel in the camper van but more luxurious and has the wonderful additional benefit of a shower. My limited internet experiment has actually been rather interesting…

I am an internet junkie, I admit it. Google is my go-to for any sort of problem. I can wind away far too many hours browsing websites such as stumbleupon. My house would look an awful lot cleaner if our internet was blocked for a day, heck I would be superwoman if there was no internet – the things I could do. Seems strange that once upon a time I was without it, my friends and I amused ourselves by recording our own radio plays and captioning pictures in holiday brochures – I still have those brochures and they are always provide amusement, according to us everyone was having affairs and secretly plotting world domination whilst floating on a lilo in the hotel pool.

I would never do away with the internet, for a start it is what makes us our income but sometimes I worry that I am far too reliant on it. I know that I do not read anywhere near as many books as I once did and that Facebook means my friends and I conduct our interactions far more online than in person. The four-day break will be good for both of us I am sure, I have a stack of books to read and Zack plans to get back into his drawing hobby.

I am capable of being without out. When we were in France two summers ago in our old camper van we only went on the internet twice in a month – thanks McDonald’s and your free wi-fi. We talked to each other more than we had in perhaps the entirety of our relationship, I read many books that I had been meaning too for ages, we got healthy through all the walking we did. When the internet is available to me anytime like it is at home it is incredibly easy to spend most of the day on it. I’ve heard worrying stories when it comes to internet addiction – parents who are neglecting their children in the real world whilst raising cyber-ones in online games, a family friend who never left the house and essentially lived their life in one choosing to shun the real world.

Internet addiction and depression are common, it’s hardly surprising. If I go on Facebook for too long I can easily start comparing my life to my friends. The thing you need to remember about social networking though is that people often only post the good aspects of their life – engagements, holidays, new clothes and so on. It is far rarer to see statuses where people highlight the negative aspects, I am guilty of doing the same thing; my Facebook statuses would imply I am always on holiday and going for meals out.

I have been enjoying spending less time on the internet, a lot more things have got done i.e. paperwork and I have been sleeping a lot better now I finish the day off with a book instead of a final check of emails. I wonder if I will last though – fingers crossed.


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