I hope people aside from our friends and family read this, if you are not either of them then it may be of interest to know a little about us…

First a little about us individually:

Louise – I am the one writing the blog, Zack is too busy designing websites and making us some money for those annoying things like council tax and car repairs. I come from Bournemouth; nice beach, lots of clubs, bad driving. During my childhood I spent five years in east Ireland where we were 20 miles from a supermarket and the cow population greatly exceeded the human one. I can drive a 3.5 tonne van – this is pointless information but I am proud of the fact so there it is.

Zack – Zack is from West Somerset, actually he is really from near Reading but I don’t think he wants me to tell you that (oops). Zack plays too many instruments for me to mention so the main ones are guitar and cello. He is a very good web designer and is scared of spiders.

Together we are Louise and Zack (obviously), self-employed in the web design field who are animal and travel lovers. We take advantage of our ability to work anywhere with an internet connection by house and petsitting, this offers a win win situation for the homeowners and us; they get the peace of mind of having their home looked after and pets being able to stay in their own environment, we get to travel and have animal friends. The other great thing is both sides save money, we housesit for free in return for the accommodation also being free.

When not housesitting we are slowly doing up our house which never left he 70’s, travelling in our VW campervan and of course working on the web designs – Zack doing the actually designing and me the admin. We hope when the house has a toilet that isn’t 40 years old or psychedelic carpets to do houseswapping too.

*All photos my own unless specified*


10 thoughts on “About

  1. You both sound like great people. I have so much respect for people who love animals. I love them as well. I love house sitting and pet sitting. Those are my favorite jobs ever!

    Thanks for following my blog! I really like yours too!

    • Hi Lily, thank you so much for the comment. Its nice to hear from a fellow animal lover. House/pet sitting are definitly fun jobs to do.
      I am so new to blogging that it is great to hear you like it. I am enjoying discovering other peoples blogs and writing this one – Its a whole new exciting world right now.

    • Hi, thanks for visiting my blog. It is working out amazingly well so far – we get to see so many places we would not usually due to accommodation costs and have lots of different animals to fuss over at the same time.

  2. Oh boy, I just noticed that someone else passed on the Liebster Award to you! I’ve just listed your blog in my award’s list too! If you blog long enough, you’re going to get one of these! Take a look at the details in my latest post. I’ve appreciated your writing, keep up the good work!

    • Thank you. I have been really bad and completely forgotten to do the follow-up post for my initial one. I will be nominating your blog so you will also have another. Appreciate the nomination and your kind comments.

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