Adventures in misadventures

Yesterday was one of those days where nothing seems to go right. Zack, the eternal optimist says we should be glad our lives are never dull. My idea of an exciting life is not one that involves having your van stuck in reverse gear on the driveway of the people you are house sitting for!

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Adventures in my stupidity and the resulting ear infection

*Do not google image ear infection, if you do anyway I am not accountable*

Do not worry I am not going to turn this blog into one where I go on about my ailments. This is more a one-off post as I just felt like I needed to share my experience.

The last four days I have had an ear and headache, actually headache is too light a word. Being a longterm migraine sufferer I would class it as one. I thought migraine and the nausea it often brought was enough – I knew nothing of facial pain until this ear infection came along. At times I asked Zack if he could knock me out, I was in no way joking! Continue reading

Adventures in ditch dwelling

*Disclaimer* I have never lived in a ditch. What I have done is reverse our heavy campervan into one. In France. On a Sunday. On a narrow road where I blocked pretty much the entirety. Oh yes and at the time my school French had abandoned me and Zack knew none whatsoever. Remembering it still makes me a little uneasy but I hope it makes for a good blog post.

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