Us as free house sitters

This page covers everything housesitting; how and why we housesit and hopefuly will answer any questions those looking at us to potentially sit for them may have.

Housesitting FAQ

Our housesitting story:

In January 2012 we were asked to house and catsit for Zack’s brother, we were at the time dealing with buying our house which had become a bit of a nightmare – endless delays, paperwork not turning up etc. At one point we thought we would have to start looking all over again! The idea of some time elsewhere with two cats to cuddle seemed ideal. Luckily during our time housesitting the house sale was finalised, I in the meantime had decided housesitting was the perfect way to travel.
We love to go exploring new places but on a months trip round France in 2011 in our camper van I started to miss the cats I had grown up with so much, every time we saw a cat, dog, sheep, anything furry I would make us stop. I had thought I was going to have to chose between travel and animals until housesitting – it offers the perfect mix of both for us with the benefit of home comforts (the camper van did not have a shower, TV, internet).

After doing another housesit for a friend in April I decided this was definitely the way forward for us, I found housesitting websites, joined the one that looked the best – Trustedhousesitters and begun applying. I was very pleasantly suprised at the portion who wanted us to come – around 80% and 2012 was full of amazing housitting experiences for us. 2013 is already shaping up to be busy, not only are we getting married in April but are sitting in Oxfordshire, Cornwall, France, Netherlands and who knows where else.

Housesitting FAQ

Do you have references?

Yes, we have obtained these from housesits done privately and through the Trustedhousesitters website. You can see them by viewing our profile.

What animals do you have experience with?

Between us we have looked after cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, gerbils, hamsters, rats, a hedgehog, chicken, fish, reptiles, stick insects and Louise has some horse care experience.

Do you have your own vehicle?

We have a small car and a VW van. Dependant on the circumstances we would be more likely to bring the VW as it is a better long distance vehicle. The van is also more suitable for taking larger dogs out. Louise has driven extensively in France.

Do you charge?

Never, as the title of this page states we are free house and petsitters. We ask for use of your internet only so we can work.

Will you be out all the time?

No, as we work online we would be in te property for a large amount of time. Of course we are likey to explore the area. If on a dogsit we will take the dog(s) too wherever suitable and possible.

What if something goes wrong in the house?

Being homeowners ourselves we are well aware that something may go wrong. We have experience dealing with leaks, malfunctioning smoke alarms, tripped fuse boxes and many other small things. We both are quite self sufficient and Zack is able to do most basic repairs.

Please do let me know if I should add anything to the FAQ.


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