Adventures in getting married: less than two months to go!

We’re getting married on April 25th! It will be in Edinburgh – pretty much the opposite end of the country to where we live as Southerners. Neither Zack or I have actually ever been to Edinburgh, so why are we going you ask? Because if we go to Edinburgh we:
1. Get to get married in a far nicer registry office
2. can incorporate the wedding with a nice holiday
3. get to have a really small wedding i.e. parents and their significant others only.
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Adventures in a freezing few hours in Bath

Yesterday we accompanied my mum and stepdad to pick up a hedge trimmer they had won on eBay. There was of course more to this trip – we went to nearby Bath afterwards. We probably should have been prepared for how cold it would be but I believe in Yeovil (where we all live) we are slightly more sheltered from the elements. Neverless, due to the weather the city was comparatively quiet so I was able to take some photos without loads of people in my way. Continue reading

How house sitting opened up the world to us

My list of places I wanted to visit in England was rather large, add Europe and it was obscene so I had not even attempted to include further afield. We bought a camper van two years ago with the idea of going round Europe. Being on a tight budget at the time meant we could only afford a 16-year-old LDV (not the best make and no longer being produced). The LDV was the only one out of many we had viewed to have everything we needed for the trip: cooker, 12v electric with leisure battery and a decent bed. Considering how it was completely ready for use and had 10 months MOT the £1900 price seemed quite good. Unfortunately, a week after getting it and the second time I drove the gearbox went and whilst we did replace it and head off to France the van proved way too large for me to drive. Other factors, such as the van having very poorly fitted doors meant we were awoken most nights by other campers. After a month we had to head home as I was exhausted and in danger of causing an accident. The European dream needed a re-think. Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challange: Forward


This photo was taken on my first long-haul flight. My family and I were headed to New York and it would be my first time in America. To me it symbolises a trip that really sparked my love of travel. I am not sure I was actually meant to be taking photos but never-mind. Never noticed how dirty the wing looked, I hope it is just dirt and not rust.

Oh and in-case I need to justify my photo choice – the plane was moving forward ;).

Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward

Wanderlust Wednesday: Bibury, Gloucestershire

After last weeks Oxfordshire photo we hop over the border into Gloucestershire.


The artist William Morris referred to Bibury as ‘the most beautiful village in England’, based on my current travels I am inclined to agree with him. The photo above shows Arlington Row cottages. They were built in 1380 so are currently 633 years old. Originally they were used as a wool store before being converted to cottages in the 17th century. If it looks familiar to you then maybe you recognise them as being used in Stardust, they served as the location of Victoria’s home. Bibury is part of the Cotswolds where there are numerous beautiful villages, I have been lucky enough to visit a few and this one is so far my favourite.

Adventures in misadventures

Yesterday was one of those days where nothing seems to go right. Zack, the eternal optimist says we should be glad our lives are never dull. My idea of an exciting life is not one that involves having your van stuck in reverse gear on the driveway of the people you are house sitting for!

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Adventures in house sitting: Oxfordshire

For anyone who does not know, Zack and I travel a lot through house sitting. We have been lucky enough to be selected for almost all of the assignments we apply for, in the last eight months we have been to Wiltshire twice, Brighton, Oxfordshire, Bath, Brittany (France), Somerset and currently Oxfordshire for a second time. It has been an amazing way to see parts of England  we would not usually due to accommodation costs. We also get to look after many lovely animals; we would love pets but the travel list we have makes it unfair to.I plan on writing a longer post on house sitting soon as I am sure a lot of people would find it a great way of cutting their travel costs. So as I mentioned this week we are back in Oxfordshire and the weather is a little different from our last visit in September. Continue reading

Adventures in Valentine’s Day

Or more accurately lack of. Zack and I do not celebrate Valentine’s Day. I have never actually celebrated it with any of my partners though this is the first time one has actually agreed with me rather than just go-along to make life easier. Perhaps it comes from the fact as a teenager through to a couple of years ago I had a weekend job in a card shop. Once you have spent hours arranging cards and gifts you get pretty sick of any holiday! Valentines always seemed the worst though due to the number of customers who decided to tell me about their partners – I am just not interested sorry! Sometimes I even wondered if these partners really existed. The card shop was in an area of Bournemouth most people like to pretend does not exist – drugs, violence, chavs galore. Due to the rather dodgy area we had a lot of even dodgier customers come in – I often wonder how many Valentines Day cards and teddies I sold to people who were criminals.

Today we have been for a walk round for the village we are staying in and will have a perfectly normal dinner. So Happy Valentines Day to anyone that celebrates it, I hope you have a lovely day. For me it is simply the fourteenth of February.  I will however include a photo of the cutest couple I have ever known: Misty and Tinker.

Obligatory cute photo

Obligatory cute photo

Wanderlust Wedneday: Uffington White Horse, Oxfordshire

Seeing as I am in Oxfordshire this week that is the location of the photo.


The Uffington White Horse is a giant chalk hill figure, they were created by stripping away the layers of turf and soil to reveal the chalk underneath. The figures are usually found on hills (as is the case here) so they can be seen from far away. The horse was created in the late Bronze Age making it one of the eldest of the figures in England. Last year as part of a publicity stunt a betting company added a rider to promote the Cheltenham Festival, thankfully it was done in such a way to not cause damage and they donated money to the national trust who maintain the site. Amazing views but wrap up warm in the Winter as it is very open and therefore absolutely freezing.

You can find out more about the horse and surrounding area on the National Trust website.