Adventures in being internetless

For the last few days I have been severely limiting my time on the internet, hence why I have not posted anything new on the blog since last Friday. The reason for this is that Zack and I are off to Wales for four days tomorrow. We are going to stay in a converted railway cabin in the middle of the Brecon Beacons, the cabin is essentially off-grid as it has no electricity or mobile reception. It will be a bit like when we travel in the camper van but more luxurious and has the wonderful additional benefit of a shower. My limited internet experiment has actually been rather interesting… Continue reading


Adventures in blogging

When I tell most people I have started a blog their reaction is ‘good luck’, I am left thinking why do I need luck it’s not a new career venture… Oh I see.

Last week my one week old blog had 15 followers, a few comments and a lot of likes on the pictures. I was elated, I never set this blog up to get huge followers, earn money and sell related ebooks but I cannot lie – seeing a new follower does give you a boost. I love to write and to share my experiences so a blog seemed a good idea. I did not realise I had unwittingly entered such a scary world by blogging about our travels.

Recently a well established travel blog contacted me and asked if I would like to write a section for their new e-book. According to them doing this would get my blog so much exposure with their fans, yep they do not have followers but fans apparently! I said no politely; it just did not sit right with me for various reasons. I had a rather rude response back saying lots of others would jump at the chance and I would not be successful. Well naughty me for not following the rules. Obviously it does not occur to them that not everyone sees their blog as a popularity contest.

I would like to take the opportunity to say that whilst I write about travel I do not see myself as a travel blogger. My main job is helping Zack with the admin side of the website design business, thus, blogging is a hobby just as photography, reading and walking are. I could never travel constantly for six months let alone years! I love my family, friends and house too much to not see them for so long – Skype is great but nowhere near a substitute, I cannot hug my mum or stroke one of the cats on it. I neither could do things purely to write about on the blog, sometimes I love a few days of reading and not going anywhere. Some would say I could write a post about relaxing on holiday, I say this makes the blog too much like a job. SEO, retweeting articles insanely, buying followers?! Not for me. No offence to anyone that does have a blog to earn a living, it just does not appeal to me.

To the followers I have, hello. I hope you enjoy what I post and if it’s ever useful all the better. I cannot promise posting schedules, giveaways or inspirational stories (I hate that phrase for some reason), but I can say that I will always reply to genuine comments, will never have sponsored posts and adverts and most certainly will not be releasing an e-book.