Wanderlust Wednesday: Mont Saint-Michel, Normandy

Getting out of England and heading over the channel to France this week.


Mont Saint-Michel, one of the most visited attractions in France. Long disputed between Brittany and Normandy as to which department it originally was in, the river which has altered course is the stem of their arguments. The Mont and the bay it lies within are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was the inspiration for the city of Minas Tirith in The Lord of the Rings. Entry to the Mont itself is free but the car parking charges are astronomical so we parked in a hotel car park about 20 minutes walk down the D976 instead. We visited in August when it was ridiculously hot and crowded, having been before in April I would recommend the latter.


Adventures in ditch dwelling

*Disclaimer* I have never lived in a ditch. What I have done is reverse our heavy campervan into one. In France. On a Sunday. On a narrow road where I blocked pretty much the entirety. Oh yes and at the time my school French had abandoned me and Zack knew none whatsoever. Remembering it still makes me a little uneasy but I hope it makes for a good blog post.

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