Adventures in being internetless

For the last few days I have been severely limiting my time on the internet, hence why I have not posted anything new on the blog since last Friday. The reason for this is that Zack and I are off to Wales for four days tomorrow. We are going to stay in a converted railway cabin in the middle of the Brecon Beacons, the cabin is essentially off-grid as it has no electricity or mobile reception. It will be a bit like when we travel in the camper van but more luxurious and has the wonderful additional benefit of a shower. My limited internet experiment has actually been rather interesting… Continue reading


Adventures in getting married: less than two months to go!

We’re getting married on April 25th! It will be in Edinburgh – pretty much the opposite end of the country to where we live as Southerners. Neither Zack or I have actually ever been to Edinburgh, so why are we going you ask? Because if we go to Edinburgh we:
1. Get to get married in a far nicer registry office
2. can incorporate the wedding with a nice holiday
3. get to have a really small wedding i.e. parents and their significant others only.
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Adventures in misadventures

Yesterday was one of those days where nothing seems to go right. Zack, the eternal optimist says we should be glad our lives are never dull. My idea of an exciting life is not one that involves having your van stuck in reverse gear on the driveway of the people you are house sitting for!

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Adventures in Valentine’s Day

Or more accurately lack of. Zack and I do not celebrate Valentine’s Day. I have never actually celebrated it with any of my partners though this is the first time one has actually agreed with me rather than just go-along to make life easier. Perhaps it comes from the fact as a teenager through to a couple of years ago I had a weekend job in a card shop. Once you have spent hours arranging cards and gifts you get pretty sick of any holiday! Valentines always seemed the worst though due to the number of customers who decided to tell me about their partners – I am just not interested sorry! Sometimes I even wondered if these partners really existed. The card shop was in an area of Bournemouth most people like to pretend does not exist – drugs, violence, chavs galore. Due to the rather dodgy area we had a lot of even dodgier customers come in – I often wonder how many Valentines Day cards and teddies I sold to people who were criminals.

Today we have been for a walk round for the village we are staying in and will have a perfectly normal dinner. So Happy Valentines Day to anyone that celebrates it, I hope you have a lovely day. For me it is simply the fourteenth of February.  I will however include a photo of the cutest couple I have ever known: Misty and Tinker.

Obligatory cute photo

Obligatory cute photo

Today, I miss my cat

Today I miss one of my old cats. Writing this has made me remember all the good times with him, so whilst it is a sad post it is also one with lovely pictures and memories of a much-loved feline.

Recently organising some photos on my flickr page I came across the pets album. Sadly most of the animals in it are no longer here. Even though I have had many Guinea Pigs over the years it’s still hard when they go, even worse in the case of Tufti who we had not had long when a fox got her. With cats it is worse again, the cats interact with us more whether on laps, sleeping on the bed or playtime. There have been a few cats we rescued knowing they did not have long left, this made it easier when the time came as we were prepared. When our beautiful Misty died however it was a big shock. Continue reading

Adventures in blogging

When I tell most people I have started a blog their reaction is ‘good luck’, I am left thinking why do I need luck it’s not a new career venture… Oh I see.

Last week my one week old blog had 15 followers, a few comments and a lot of likes on the pictures. I was elated, I never set this blog up to get huge followers, earn money and sell related ebooks but I cannot lie – seeing a new follower does give you a boost. I love to write and to share my experiences so a blog seemed a good idea. I did not realise I had unwittingly entered such a scary world by blogging about our travels.

Recently a well established travel blog contacted me and asked if I would like to write a section for their new e-book. According to them doing this would get my blog so much exposure with their fans, yep they do not have followers but fans apparently! I said no politely; it just did not sit right with me for various reasons. I had a rather rude response back saying lots of others would jump at the chance and I would not be successful. Well naughty me for not following the rules. Obviously it does not occur to them that not everyone sees their blog as a popularity contest.

I would like to take the opportunity to say that whilst I write about travel I do not see myself as a travel blogger. My main job is helping Zack with the admin side of the website design business, thus, blogging is a hobby just as photography, reading and walking are. I could never travel constantly for six months let alone years! I love my family, friends and house too much to not see them for so long – Skype is great but nowhere near a substitute, I cannot hug my mum or stroke one of the cats on it. I neither could do things purely to write about on the blog, sometimes I love a few days of reading and not going anywhere. Some would say I could write a post about relaxing on holiday, I say this makes the blog too much like a job. SEO, retweeting articles insanely, buying followers?! Not for me. No offence to anyone that does have a blog to earn a living, it just does not appeal to me.

To the followers I have, hello. I hope you enjoy what I post and if it’s ever useful all the better. I cannot promise posting schedules, giveaways or inspirational stories (I hate that phrase for some reason), but I can say that I will always reply to genuine comments, will never have sponsored posts and adverts and most certainly will not be releasing an e-book.

Adventures in my stupidity and the resulting ear infection

*Do not google image ear infection, if you do anyway I am not accountable*

Do not worry I am not going to turn this blog into one where I go on about my ailments. This is more a one-off post as I just felt like I needed to share my experience.

The last four days I have had an ear and headache, actually headache is too light a word. Being a longterm migraine sufferer I would class it as one. I thought migraine and the nausea it often brought was enough – I knew nothing of facial pain until this ear infection came along. At times I asked Zack if he could knock me out, I was in no way joking! Continue reading

Adventures in owning an old car

Having inherited my attitude to money largely from my stepfather; a man who finds the word buy very distressing, I naturally own a cheap car. Mine was ridiculously cheap, some people probably spend the same on weekly groceries. Thankfully I for the most part got away with my thrifty purchase for four years. Last year however it all started to go a bit wrong…

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