Weekly Photo Challenge: From Above

A week ago, the day after our Wedding, myself, Zack and his Dad (my new Father-in-law!) took a hike up Arthurs Seat in Edinburgh for this and other amazing views over the city. Our apartment rental actually overlooked the mountain and its situation in Holyrood Park – we could not have asked for a better location. image

Weekly Photo Challenge: From Above


Wanderlust Wednesday: Royal Pavilion, Brighton

Once again I apologize for my shameful lack of posts. This time in two weeks I will be spending my last night as a Holder before becoming a Allnutt. Once the wedding is over regular blog posts will resume. For such a small wedding it is amazing how many things still seem to need doing! Anyway, to this weeks location, two pictures this week!


Brightons Royal Pavilion is now as much associated with the city as its beach however when some people I know saw photos of me in front of it they asked when I had been to India – no they were not joking but they cannot be blamed, if you do not know of its location then one would well assume it is Indian.

The pavilion was deigned by the Prince Regent who wanted to create a residence more opulent than anything ever known. All the interior decorations and furnishings were oriental in origin and shipped over to England at great expense. After his death Queen Victoria whom is rumored to have disliked Brighton and the pavilion sold it to the city. The building was stripped of its lavish interior and used as assembly rooms. After the second world war the pavilion was restored to its original appearance during its ownership by the Prince.

The pavilion and its parkland is now a very popular attraction and draws in excess of a million visitors every year. When I was there last summer we used the gardens as a place to cool down, it made a lovely setting. The Pavilion is one if Britains most unusual buildings and is a must-see for anyone coming to the city.

Wanderlust Wednesday: Bruges, Belgium


I have been told there are not enough photos of us on the blog so this week I have used a photo that includes me – eek. The location is one of my favourite cities. Zack and I spent a very enjoyable day wandering around and then we had dinner and wild camped in the big car park just outside the centre in our old camper van. I seem to recall the only money we spent there was on chocolate waffles.

Bruges is a World Heritage Site (I seem to have been to a lot of these) and is famous for its lace and chocolate; I was far more interested in the latter. Having not been to Amsterdam I was amazed at the amount of cyclists around, cars are actually required to give way to them and pedestrians. Bruges literally has interesting sights on over turn and is a must for anyone making a trip to Europe.

Wanderlust Wednesday: Castle Combe, Wiltshire

Firstly an apology for the lack of posts recently, in the last couple of weeks we have been to Wales, Cornwall and visited relatives around the south. At the same time I have been putting last-minute arrangements to our wedding which is now less than a month away. As a result I have had barely enough time to wash my hair let alone post on the blog! Today before we embark on our latest housesit in Leicestershire I actually have some time to myself so here is Wanderlust Wednesday.


Walking around Castle Combe is like stepping back in time, it is no wonder it has been used as a location for films Stardust and War Horse. The village is full of listed buildings and contains one of the few medieval clocks still in use. It is very easy to take amazing photos here, on the day we went I filled my SD card very quickly as wherever you walked could have been turned into a postcard.

Wanderlust Wednesday: St Michael’s Mount, Cornwall

After the last location being Mont Saint-Michel this time we have the English counterpart.


Over the centuries the Mount has been a fortress, a priory, a place of worship and finally a family home which it remains today. In 1954 the family went into partnership with the National Trust and the Mount has been open to visitors ever since. It has been used as Dracula’s castle in the 1979 film and has also made appearances in Johnny English and Never Say Never Again. A lot of the fun is getting there, depending on the tides you either can wade over on the causeway or go by boat. When Zack and I visited we were one of the last to leave by walking back, it was a lot of fun even though at one point the water was above our knees.

Wanderlust Wednesday: Mont Saint-Michel, Normandy

Getting out of England and heading over the channel to France this week.


Mont Saint-Michel, one of the most visited attractions in France. Long disputed between Brittany and Normandy as to which department it originally was in, the river which has altered course is the stem of their arguments. The Mont and the bay it lies within are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was the inspiration for the city of Minas Tirith in The Lord of the Rings. Entry to the Mont itself is free but the car parking charges are astronomical so we parked in a hotel car park about 20 minutes walk down the D976 instead. We visited in August when it was ridiculously hot and crowded, having been before in April I would recommend the latter.

Wanderlust Wednesday: Bibury, Gloucestershire

After last weeks Oxfordshire photo we hop over the border into Gloucestershire.


The artist William Morris referred to Bibury as ‘the most beautiful village in England’, based on my current travels I am inclined to agree with him. The photo above shows Arlington Row cottages. They were built in 1380 so are currently 633 years old. Originally they were used as a wool store before being converted to cottages in the 17th century. If it looks familiar to you then maybe you recognise them as being used in Stardust, they served as the location of Victoria’s home. Bibury is part of the Cotswolds where there are numerous beautiful villages, I have been lucky enough to visit a few and this one is so far my favourite.

Wanderlust Wedneday: Uffington White Horse, Oxfordshire

Seeing as I am in Oxfordshire this week that is the location of the photo.


The Uffington White Horse is a giant chalk hill figure, they were created by stripping away the layers of turf and soil to reveal the chalk underneath. The figures are usually found on hills (as is the case here) so they can be seen from far away. The horse was created in the late Bronze Age making it one of the eldest of the figures in England. Last year as part of a publicity stunt a betting company added a rider to promote the Cheltenham Festival, thankfully it was done in such a way to not cause damage and they donated money to the national trust who maintain the site. Amazing views but wrap up warm in the Winter as it is very open and therefore absolutely freezing.

You can find out more about the horse and surrounding area on the National Trust website.

Wanderlust Wednesday: Durdle Door, Dorset

Piloting a new unoriginally named weekly photo post.

Every Wednesday I post a photo I took and a little description of the place. Most of the time these places will be in England due to it being my homeland.


Durdle Door is part of the famous Jurassic Coast. It is a naturally occurring limestone arch. Most people are unaware that it is privately owned, it is fully accessible to the public however. From this year it will get harder to access the beach as the steps down have been closed. The family are in dispute with Natural England over the recent Coastal Access Law, basically they seem to be miffed that they would now be liable for accidents there and thus have closed off the steps. These steps were quite awkward and slippery when I was last there so maybe its for the best. Durdle Door has been seen in the films Far From The Madding Crowd (1967), Wilde, and Nanny McPhee. Definitly somewhere to see if visiting the south coast.